We are experts in both the development and design areas of web development and software development. We build custom applications as well as work with open-source software solutions. A strong online presence is vital for any business. Web development encompasses the process of creating websites for the Internet or private intranets. Here at Defox Technologies, we specialize in crafting innovative and visually engaging websites to cater to both personal and business needs. The services of our Joomla framework that we provide are as follows:
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Web Portals

Experienced web developers who have polished their abilities through years of practical experience make up our team. We are knowledgeable about the nuances of web creation and use cutting-edge tools to build websites that stand out in the online world.

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With years of e-commerce development experience, we have progressed from creating startup stores to creating specialized solutions for big businesses. Our secret is in the automation and scalability of microservices designs, which increase corporate productivity.

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We manage the web presence for more than 250 corporations, governmental agencies, and nonprofits. Our area of expertise is creating websites that are effective instruments for business presentations and brand development.

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Web Apps

Find specialized solutions for the effective handling of various business activities within our vast range of 1,900+ web applications that we have produced. For logical and efficient processes, we specialize in developing intelligent automation, streamlining processes, and smoothly connecting corporate software.


CMS Based Web

Our skilled developers make the most of these platforms, ensuring that your website not only looks gorgeous but also effectively engages users. We customize our services to match your unique demands, ensuring a flawless web page for your users regardless of whether you require a custom solution custom solutions or prefer the adaptability of well-known CMS choices.

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SEO Optimized Web

Getting a top Google ranking is essential for increasing visitors and revenue. Our proficiency in creating websites that are geared toward SEO takes care of your worries about rankings. We don’t stop there, though. With the help of our expert SEO services, we make sure that your online presence not only achieves high rankings but also keeps its coveted top spot on Google.